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Pathi Garut

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The interesting part is, although she is successful in getting money through arrowroot, Mrs. Henry Sukarno is not stingy to share her knowledge to everyone who asks her about details of arrowroot products. “Firstly, I was the only one who produced arrowroot here. At that time, some neighbours and relatives helped me,” explained this sweet woman. Recently, they have started their own arrowroot business together with Mrs. Henry Sukarno’s business. The success of arrowroot business has attracted her neighbours’ interests, even until outside of her village. Not less than 125 arrowroot industries are spreaded around Gesi Sub district. “I am happy, because by working on the business, the mothers have useful activities to raise their families’ income,” heartily she said.

Mrs. Henry Sukarno even does not hesitate to invite every guest who visits her business center to see directly the making process of arrowroot chip, from beginning to the end. In there, the visitor is permitted to involve in the making process of arrowroot chip. “Crushing arrowroot also needs sense of art,” said the smiling Mrs. Henry Sukarno. The best result is gotten if it is crushed in warm condition. We should pay attention to its thickness, hence when it is fried, the chip is perfectly cooked. It can be said that each chip is born by patience.

Lately, Mrs. Henry Sukarno has arranged hundreds snack recipes with arrowroot flour as basic ingredient. This friendly woman did not hesitate to share the healthy food recipes to anyone who has interest. “There are cookies, cakes, tarts, chips, flakes, and many more,” she said as the interview ended.

Excitement of Tasting Sragen Culinary Sometimes, at night, please take a walk from one stall to another along the Sukowati area in Sragen. In those places, you will find various foods which are rich with spices, unique, and have strange-names. But, hmm…. your tongue should dance while taste them. Like common stalls in other palces, the food names are usually written on wind f abric-covers, in capitals. But there is a difference, because the names of the foods seem unfamiliar for food lovers. Even, they are strange and funny. Just look at Soto Girin, Wajik Mbok Rajak, Sate Landak Muda (young porcupine satay), Kuah Tengkleng Rusa (Deer tengkleng), Tumis Empal Kerbau, SotoKumis Jatuh. As a proverb says, what is in a name? Beyond the name of food which makes the consumers smile, delicious taste is hidden. No wonder if every lunch time those street stalls are always full of visitors.


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